Dynamic Pricing for Hostfully Hosts

Dynamic Pricing for Hostfully Hosts

As a Hostfully host, you're able to automatically list and update any of your listings on Homads. To improve both our host and guest experience, we're always updating our integration and continue to listing to feedback from our hosts.  

Our most recent update now brings in dynamic pricing. If you do not have pricing specified on your listing's calendar through your Hostfully dashboard, we will use your base daily rate and multiply it by 30 to get your monthly rate. Typically this will give you a high rate that does not work well for mid term rentals. Therefore, it's important to add discounts with Hostfully's Pricing Rules.

You can do this by going to Hostfully and clicking on Pricing. From there, you can scroll to the bottom where you'll see Pricing Rules. From there, you'll add in your discount rate for stays longer than 29 nights.

"Create Decrease rate by ___% when stay is longer than 29 nights."

From there, you'll just need to save your pricing rule and you're set!

Dynamic Pricing

If you want to enable dynamic pricing, all you'll have to do is update your calendar for your listing in your Hostfully dashboard. Homads will then automatically update all inquiries with the new pricing.

For Dynamic Pricing, we will charge the guest the average price of the total booking. For example, if January cost $2000 and February is only $1500, the average monthly cost will reflect $1750 and will be charged at this rate for each month of your booking.

If you prefer to have a guest pay each month, you can ask them to only book the first month and create a new booking after.