Getting Creative During COVID-19

Getting Creative During COVID-19

by Andi Roberts

Quarantine. The unknown. Panic. This all feels like a strange movie.  A weird episode of Black Mirror or a dream that you're not totally sure if you have woken up from. The news is never ending. Everything is canceled or postponed. Travel is massively banned and the hospitality industry is taking a huge hit.  So, what does all of this mean for rental property owners? More specifically, short-to-mid term rentals?

As a homeowner in this space, it's hard not to completely freak out.  But try really hard not to. This is an opportunity to get creative and market your property the best way possible. Yes, this is bad.  But this can also offer an opportunity to help others in our communities that need it most.


Of course it would be nice to go on vacation right about now and leave all of this behind.  Unfortunately, that's not an option for most. A staycation, however, is a bit more doable.  Being quarantined can be more enjoyable if people have an alternative place to hunker down besides the walls of their once thought of "spacious home". Maybe a place to take a break and get some quiet time, while still keeping families and loved ones safe is just what the doctor ordered.


Most people are transitioning to a work from home scenario, which has its challenges. Juggling to keep kids entertained, a Zoom call that continues to freeze and the inevitable isolation that comes with it your new office set up is taxing. People love being home, but spending all day, every day in their bubbles can get to be a little...much. Targeting the audience of the newly remote workers is a great way to fill your vacancies.  


Child care and senior care are in need now more than ever. With schools being closed, parents are forced to figure out the best solution for their entire families.  People are scrambling to grab nannies and child care providers whereever they can, whether that be near or far. Considering the nature of COVID-19, many families are concerned about older family members and feel the need to be closer in proximity to oversee their care. A solution may be to rent a property close by their loved ones to visit and provide care of as needed.  Jump onto Nanny message boards or contact local retirement homes to see what the current rental needs are.  

Traveling Nurses

We all know that our nurses are national heros. Currently they are going through the wringer to keep us and our communities safe.  Traveling nurses transition from one assignment to the next every 8-14 weeks.  They are dispatched to hospitals that are in the most need, i.e. COVID-19 hot spots. These men and women move to brand new cities all in a matter of weeks. Now, more than ever, the nursing community needs any break we can give them.

Consider connecting with nurses via Facebook groups and messaging boards. Reach out to hospitals or the American Travel Health Nurse Association. Offer  incentives specific to traveling nurses.  Providing a discounted rate, no matter how large or small, will help your property stand out above others.  

COVID-19 Sale

On that note, roll out a general COVID-19 sale. Slash your prices and fill up your calendar!  A booking at a reduced rate can relieve stress on consumers and homeowners alike.  Cutting prices by 10-20% may not be ideal, but considering the state of the economy, everyone could use a little breather.  Consider reducing booking prices for the next few months, April-June, and adding price incentives for any stays booked now for July-December.  

On Hold

Small business owners, servers, and your favorite gym owners are on hold for a while.  If it were up to them, they would still be working and earning their steady income. Unfortunately, some of these innocent bystanders of Corona Virus may not have the most understand landlords.  Some may even be in the process of moving and quarantine has completely disrupted their plans.  Contact some of your local restaurants and businesses to see if any of their staff are in need of a safe place to land. Working out a deal that is comfortable for both you and the renter will bring great reviews and recommendations to friends and family for the future.

City Officials

Get in touch with some of your local leaders and city board members.  Members of the community are going to need safe places to be quarantined.  Some may even need to be temporarily separated from their families.  Offering your home as a quarantine station provided by the city may not bring you a large profit, but it could make a massive impact on the community.  By making a connection and building a relationship with city leaders,  who knows the types of leads it could bring you. And, what a help you would be in a time of need.


At Homads we specialize in monthly rentals.  Our goal is to help people settle in to new cities in the best, most organic way possible.  But for now, we want to help people find a place for the next 30-90 days to ride this thing out safely, staying socially distant and mentally stable. We want to do our part for all involved. That includes our community members and our property owners.

The truth is none of us know when this is all going to end. It's time to be proactive and market your properties as safe havens for the next few months. Target audiences that are in need during this odd time or looking for a little self care.

Get creative, check out, and wash your hands.