How to Prepare Your Property for Renting

How to Prepare Your Property for Renting

Many landlords think about the profits they need to earn from their monthly property rentals while deciding on rent pricing. They often forget that for their rental homes to attract a good price, they should be in good condition, enticing and appealing to the potential tenants — just like when you are preparing to sell a property.

You should know, even before you price your rental home, you have to work on the look. Putting things together will make your property stand out from the crowd. You could also consider doing some upgrades that make it even more unique. Here is a checklist of what you need to do:

The first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean your house. You should not just do the basics. The least you can do is to ensure that your rental is spring clean. Floors need to be waxed, mopped, and vacuumed. Curtains and blinds have to be changed regularly. Windows should be streak free. Check whether all gadgets and appliances are functioning as required, fix them if they aren’t. Make sure that you rearrange the rooms to look more spacious and free from any clutter.

First Impression
The first impression builds a lasting impression. The garden and the lawn are the first places the tenant will set his eyes on. The garden should be neat, and its lights should be working. If it has outside furniture, it should be freed from dust or bird droppings. The lawn should be mowed. Any external defects like a broken doorbell or stairs, etc. have to be fixed.

Fix Broken Things
Even though repairing and maintaining midterm rental homes should be a periodic exercise, carrying out repairs before you rent your home ensures that it is in its top condition. You may want to repair:

• Broken tiles
• Chipped paint
• Moldy bathroom
• Leaking washers
• Dripping taps, among others

These are just a few but you need to ensure every aspect from the mailbox to the back of the fence is in good condition.

Painting the rental home can make it look new. There is no doubt that new paint can add value to your home. You need to consider painting both inside and outside. Your bathroom and your kitchen can easily look fresh and new with nice paint. If you have outside garden furniture, they could possibly look more appealing with the new paint.

Meet the current regulations
You need to find out whether the current condition of your rental home meets the current state regulations and safety guidelines. For instance, the electrical and water efficiency standards that are provided for by the law. You may consult your local real estate agents. This may save you from a great deal of trouble in future.

Before you let everybody know about your rental home, ensure it is ready for great photos and applicant viewings. Keep in mind that prospective tenants are same as prospective buyers for any property. You can now to post free advertisements on the internet, talk about it with your coworkers and friends. You may also choose to use a local brokerage firm.

Your property is now ready
You will be meeting lot of people enquiring about your rental homes. How do you decide on a good tenant? Run a credit check on the applicants. Ask him about their job and how much they earn monthly. See if they have any references from previous landlords. It is important that you check their background and see that they do not have criminal records. You can ask for a copy of their driver’s license or other credentials.