The Homads 8-Point Renters’ Checklist

The Homads 8-Point Renters’ Checklist

So you’re ready to move. But do you know what you need to do to get the monthly rental that’s meets your needs and budget? The team at Homads has created a handy 8-point checklist to help you find the perfect match.

Item #1: Price

Take a look at your budget. Experts suggest that rent should be approximately one quarter to one third of your total income. You may be tempted to pay more, but if you can avoid it, don’t.

Item #2: Extra fees

The current trend is to separate rental fees from utilities, so ask your landlord what’s included in the total rent. Extras could include anything from pet accommodation fees to cable TV and/or parking charges and could put a property beyond your rental budget.

Item #3: Location

Once you’ve settled on a few places that suit your pocketbook, go on Google to check out property locations. Three specific factors to consider in your research include:

· Proximity to public transportation, supermarkets/shopping areas and schools
· Neighborhood demographics
· Crime rate

Item #4: Amenities

Figure out what amenities are most important to you and rank them. That way, if you’re looking for a monthly rental home with a nice backyard, you won’t be swayed by a place that offers renters a swimming pool and city views… and also charges more than you can afford.

Item #5: Terms

Always ask questions about anything a prospective landlord and/or leasing agent says. Once you get the lease, check over the terms to verify they correspond with what you have been told. If there’s anything you don’t understand, get clarification — from the landlord and/or a lawyer — before you sign.

Item #6: Property rules

Get up to speed on all the policies associated with a month-to-month property. Are pets allowed? Can you hang up artwork or paint the walls? How long can visitors stay? Where can you park your car? Know everything in advance to avoid costly misunderstandings later on.

Item #7: Sublets & medium-term rentals

Some landlords will allow short-term sublets but some will not. If your lease does not specify one way or the other, ask the landlord/leasing agent for details. An illegal sublet could land you in small claims court.

Item #8: Damage inspection

Before you move in, check your new monthly rental for damage to walls, floors, appliances (and, if applicable, furniture). Take pictures and ask the landlord to put everything in writing. Otherwise, you may be charged when you move out.

The rental market is tight. But with Homads is here to help. Our team is dedicated to helping renters like you find that special place to call home…without the stress and worry.