Think Outside of the Box — Big City Rental Experiences in Unexpected Places

Think Outside of the Box — Big City Rental Experiences in Unexpected Places

We all know that cities like Austin and Portland are quickly turning into booming hubs for millennials to flourish in their business and personal pursuits. While San Francisco and New York City remain dream cities for many to move to, the reality is that finding housing in these places can be a hassle. For a long time, finding monthly rentals in big cities also meant limiting yourself to the coasts of the country. Now, cities are developing all over the country that provide viable monthly rental homes in new and exciting places. For renters looking for all the perks of looking for month to month rental homes in a big city without the problems, moving to a growing city might be a viable option. Take a look at some of the most surprising areas containing the fastest growing cities in the country.

1. Florida

Florida is known for its tropical destinations for spring breakers — Miami. However, according to Forbes, one of the states with the fastest growing cities is Florida. Those hoping to find monthly rentals in places in Miami might be out of luck because of its high prices and population density, but other nearby cities offer much of the same beach and night life. Cape Coral, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Daytona Beach all made it into Forbes’ top five biggest growing cities in the United States. Cape Coral alone showed a 3.93% job growth with a 7.08% wage growth in 2016. Its competitors are not far behind in these categories. And as jobs grow, so do housing. Perhaps the dream of monthly rental on a beach can be achieved.

2. Western States

Finding a monthly rental in a western state is easy, and often cheap. But most renters would not consider the west as an option for big city living. Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah both made the top 10-list of Forbes’ fastest growing cities, and it is easy to see why. With their big-city feel and their relative proximity to some of the most beautiful national parks in the world they are easy to please a variety of people.

Trailing not far behind on Forbes’ list, Boise, Idaho ranks at number 11. With skyscrapers quickly going up every month, standing in the heart of the city you would not be able to tell that just 100 years ago this city was a haven for cowboys and cattle rustlers alike. Much of the surrounding area remains wild and arid.

3. West Coast

The bay remains a popular place, but for those looking for the smell of the salt air, the various local markets, and the art and night life, there are options for affordable monthly rentals elsewhere on the coast. Forbes listed Seattle/Tacoma and Portland within their top 12 fastest-growing cities. While Seattle is quickly becoming one of the biggest cities on the west coast, its popularity is still stunted by many of the surrounding bay-area cities. Nearby Portland is also showing an increase in both jobs and population, causing housing to remain affordable — especially on the outskirts of town.

Whether you need a change of scenery or a change of job, considering one of these growing cities as a potential place to rent will save time and money in the long-run.