Utility Bills: Keeping Them As Low As Possible

Utility Bills: Keeping Them As Low As Possible

Utility bills can sometimes make you wonder if you are the only person using electricity, water, or gas in your monthly rental home. Sometimes high bills could be due to a mistake in calculation by utility workers, wastefulness on your part, or even damages in your utility line such as broken water pipes or gas lines. These bullet points contain effective ways to drastically reduce the charges in your utility bills, helping you to better predict cost and save money.

Always do your meter and utility bill match up

When a utility worker makes a mistake reading your meter, it can be a very costly one, which is why you need to make sure you are charged for the electricity you actually consumed. If the amount in your meter is lower when compared to the read on the bill, then you know you are being overcharged.

Use more energy efficient appliances

Sometimes you need to upgrade your appliances to more energy efficient models. This helps reduce the rate of energy consumption. Sometimes, an upgrade to a newer version of an appliance attracts incentives on energy saving. If you are in a month to month rental home, discuss the necessity of acquiring new appliances with your landlord. You may be able to strike a deal where your landlord can partially cover the expenses.

A nightly energy sweep through the house

Take time every night to move around the house and make sure all electric devices are turned off before going to bed. Leaving our light bulbs, fans, and other unnecessary appliances working while we go to bed doesn’t change the fact we still use electricity for them. Making a habit of this works creates a greater sense of consciousness regarding your energy use.

Fix broken lines as quickly as possible

Sometimes your water lines get broken at points that are not easily traced. Even though this isn’t your fault, you still have to pay for the water that leaks out of your broken line. If the stipulations on your monthly rental lease allow for it, be sure to remind your landlord to check your lines on a regular basis and fix any fault immediately, no matter how small it is.

Regulate your water heater

Heating your water at too high a level increases your fuel bill, whether its oil or natural gas. Not only that, it creates the danger of scalding. It is advisable to keep the water heater at 120 degrees, which strikes the balance between the heat you need in your water and a reasonable bill.

Know about your utility company

You should go to your utility company’s website every now and then. Here, you can learn more on how to save energy, thereby cutting expenses on utility bills.

Knowing and being conscious of peak hours

You should know when peak hours occur, especially if you are in a month to month rental in an apartment complex. There are certain periods of time during the day where most people use utilities the most. Utility companies charge higher rates for peak hours. If you can avoid energy use during this window of time, then you are saving cash in the next coming bill.