Where Do You Belong?

Where Do You Belong?

Great news! You’ve been offered the job of your dreams; great pay and benefits, amazing team, an on-site gym, organic home-cooked meals twice a day and you can even bring your dog to work. It doesn’t get any better than that!

After playing out multiple scenarios of how your life will be perfect and you’ll live happily ever after, logistical questions start flooding in. What if I get stuck in a neighborhood that’s too quiet and everything closes way too early? Is it easy for me to take my dog to the park? Is he allowed to go on the subway to work? Is there a real grocery store nearby or can I live off Amazon deliveries?

You realize, you’ll have to uproot and move to a whole new city. You can either wing it and possibly regret the next 365 days of your lease or you can spend months researching outdated forums in hopes of pinpointing the perfect area.

Having a friend who knows you well and can recommend places probably would have been your best bet. Unfortunately you don’t know anyone there. Couldn’t someone just shake their magical wand and tell you the perfect neighborhood?

Imagine if, like some futuristic episode of Black Mirror, you’re able show someone all about your personality, preferences and needs within seconds and be matched to the right neighborhood.

At Homads, we may not be as futuristic as the technology in Black Mirror but we’re confident we can help ease the stress of finding where you belong. We take every step of the way with you, from the moment you relocate to finding your dream home and neighborhood.

It’s just a couple of simple steps and then we take care of the rest.

  1. Answer simple questions about yourself.
  2. Search and favorite what you like.

The more listings you search and favorite, the more we’ll be able to learn and match you to the areas that fit you best.

Our mission is to help people feel a strong sense of identity and connection within their community. We do this by making it easier for you to find the right information.

Marketplace for Midterm Rentals

We know that even with all the right information, it’s still difficult to be sure that this is the right place for you. That’s why we specialize in midterm rentals. You determine the right time frame that fits your life and you’re able to test out different neighborhoods as you learn the city. These turnkey homes allow you to relax and concentrate on the next step of your life.